Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Protect your trip value from unexpected and unforeseen events that occur prior to your departure date. Should you need to cancel before your departure date, wouldn’t it be nice to have this investment protected?

Our trip cancellation programs provide reimbursement of the value of your trip if you need to cancel it before you leave or if you need to interrupt it while you are travelling out of your province of residence.

Trip cancellation insurance provides coverage at time of purchase of your policy up to your departure date. It covers the value of your trip if you need to cancel due to unexpected and or unforeseen events such as:
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Injuries
  • Sickness
  • Canadian Government has issued an advisory against travelling
  • Disaster at your residence
  • Cancellation of a conference
  • Job loss
  • Flight cancellation

This coverage can help cover non-refundable pre-paid travel costs.

Trip interruption coverage protects you from unexpected or unforeseen situations that require you to interrupt your travel, such as, a death in the family, or a delay by your scheduled carrier due to weather conditions.

Trip cancellation insurance is a stand-alone policy and does not include any emergency medical or hospital coverage. If you require emergency medical coverage, we recommend you select an all-inclusive travel insurance program.

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