New requirements for travellers

COVID 19 and Travel Insurance - The Facts

With the most recent confirmation that the Canada-U.S. border will remain closed for non-essential travel until September 21, and possibly postponed to a later date. Questions have been raised about the impact of this closure on our travel habits in the United States in the coming months.


When we leave for a trip outside of Canada, most of us will take out travel insurance before we leave. Almost 80% of travel insurance policies sold in Canada cover primarily hospital medical care in the event of an emergency.


Tour operators and tourism organizations on the island of Cuba have put forward health and safety protocols in all hotels, non-hotel services, support services, transportation, and all businesses in Cuba's tourism sector. There is even a comprehensive and rigorous, large-scale certification program to attract Canadians to the island. The entry requirements and required documents remain the same as before. There is no pre-test before travelling and no mandatory quarantine for tourists visiting the island of Cuba.

Planning a trip to another province? Do not forget your travel insurance!

Planning to take advantage of the Canadian landscape? Canada is a great country, rich in culture and filled with majestic landscapes. Whether your plan is to visit the rocky and majestic lakes, or Niagara Falls, or even a visit to Nova Scotia, memories will remain forever engraved in your heart.

Covid-19 and Canada's borders

There is still a great deal of confusion to this day as to whether we can travel outside of Canada. The restriction originally put in place by the Canadian government on March 21 to avoid discretionary travel, deemed non-essential at the Canada-U.S. border was extended to September 21, 2020. To date, there is no indication of a reopening on that date either or when this measure will be abolished. What exactly is this discretionary travel measure and what does it mean?

Unstable Medical Conditions

Do you have an unstable medical condition? Imagine experiencing an unfortunate medical situation such as a heart attack or a change in one of your medications just before you are ready to leave the cold Canadian winter for one, three, or even six months? Your stuff is packed, mail has been re directed, phone lines and utilities ready to be suspended for the months to come, flights are booked, etc.

Insurance for your loved ones that are visiting Canada

It is important to have insurance when you are leaving your country of residence. Why not protect your loved ones that are coming to visit you. Many insurance companies offer this type of insurance for accident and sickness that could happen during their visit to Canada. Here are some important details that will help you in your search.

Did you know your travel insurance does not cover you everywhere?

Most Canadians are not aware that your travel insurance coverage could be reduced or even cancelled if you are travelling in a country which the Canadian Government issued a travel advisory. The government issues a few different degrees of warnings. This could affect your coverage under the plan selected.

Stable and under control

It sounds pretty simple on the surface, but beware. Some pitfalls are hidden under this definition in your travel insurance policy.

Is travel insurance confusing you?

A recent survey by the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA) confirms that 13% of Canadian travellers are unsure whether they have travel insurance when it comes to leaving for a stay abroad.

Delayed trip

Ever been stuck in an airport because your flight was delayed? What to do in this situation?

Don't get caught in the trap

We often hear about horror stories about travellers who have seen their travel insurance claims denied for multiple reasons, or that the insurer has refused to reimburse medical expenses due to incomplete health declarations or non-disclosure.

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition

We all know how important it is to purchase travel insurance when we leave the country. Some of us are struggling to find reliable and affordable coverage. People with existing medical conditions often have a challenge when it comes to applying for travel insurance. Although sometimes difficult, it is not impossible to find affordable travel insurance that will offer peace of mind by covering existing medical conditions.

How to properly protect yourself and save at the same time on your travel insurance

Are you among those who like to travel on a regular basis or just trying to avoid our long and cold winters that seem to be never ending? Properly protecting yourself does not necessarily mean paying more! Here are some tips that can help you save on your travel insurance and enjoy full coverage that will protect you from unforeseen medical expenses without harming your wallet.