All Inclusive

Our All Inclusive program will cover you in case of any emergency medical event. It protects your financial loss in case of trip cancellation and interruption and for the loss of personal belongings or baggage delay.

Here are the details that are included in our coverage:

Emergency medical & hospitalization

Emergency medical & hospitalization benefits in the all inclusive policy will reimburse unforeseen medical fees incurred during an emergency. The following fees may be covered:

  • Emergency Hospital
  • Physician, surgeon and private duty nurse
  • Diagnostic services (e.g., lab tests, x-rays)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical appliances (e.g., casts, crutches, body braces, wheelchairs)
  • Paramedic services, such as chiropractor, podiatrist, etc.
  • Emergency dental
  • Emergency transportation, ambulance services
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Dependent care expenses
  • Transportation of a relative to your bedside
  • Child care and child care escort

  • For more details and information, contact one of our friendly agents. Trip cancellation insurance provides coverage at time of purchase of your policy up to your departure date. It covers the value of your trip if you would need to cancel due to unexpected and or unforeseen events such as,

    • Death of an immediate family member
    • Injuries
    • Sickness
    • Canadian Government has issued an advisory against travelling
    • Disaster at your residence
    • Cancellation of a conference
    • Job loss
    • Flight cancellation

This coverage can help cover non-refundable pre-paid travel costs.

Trip interruption coverage protects you while you are on your trip and you experience unexpected or unforeseen situations and need to interrupt your travels, such as a death in the family, or if your scheduled carrier is delayed due to weather conditions.

Baggage coverage

If your personal belongings are delayed, damaged, or stolen during your trip, the baggage and personal belongings benefits will cover you for those unforeseen events. There is usually a maximum per article. You should pay close attention to your policy and contact us when travelling with objects of a higher value

If you are travelling multiple times during the year, you may want to consider an all inclusive multi trip annual plan. This covers you for an unlimited number of trips outside of your province of residence. Coverage options vary from 7, 15, and 30 days per trip.

Compare the best rates for your All Inclusive travel insurance program. Get a free, no obligation quote or call 1-855-221-4555. One of our friendly agents will guide you to the right product.