Finding travel insurance during these unprecedented times can be a challenge.
While we are all asking ourselves if our travel insurance will cover for COVID-19 soon? The answer may be surprising for some people.

At Sonomad, our goal is not only to find you the best coverage at the best price, but we strive on sharing with you the most accurate information on this situation. We are working closely with the largest insurers in the travel insurance industry not only to provide accurate information and sound advice to all travellers but also to have access to the most recent updates.

As insurers are adapting their products to this new reality, we are proud to announce that we have coverage available to cover COVID-19.
Even if there is a warning in place from the government of Canada in relation to non-essential travels we have coverage available so that you can travel with piece of mind knowing that you are covered for any emergency medical expenses including COVID-19 while you are abroad.

Without any doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has not only completely destabilized the travel industry but will unfortunately continue to be present for the coming months making travelers more aware than ever on the importance of travel insurance. Sonomad recognizes the importance for travelers to be protected for COVID-19 by making sure its product offering is adapted to this new reality.

In addition, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee you will not run any risk by buying your insurance in advance in order to benefit from the best rates available. We can change your date at no cost and if you must cancel your insurance before your departure you will be entitled to a full refund without any penalty.

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Emergency medical coverage for Canadians travelling
Travelling to the USA or any other destinations, our emergency medical plans will provide coverage for COVID-19 during your stay. (Get more details on coverage options)
Trip Cancellation & Interruption
Covers for prepaid trip cost in case you need to cancel your trip due to specified reasons. Since last March, COVID-19 is considered a known situation, please take note that trip cancellation & interruption travel insurance programs will not provide coverage for COVID-19 at this time. (Get more details on coverage options)
Travels within Canada
There are no COVID-19 restrictions for Canadians travelling within Canada. Travel insurance will cover you for the unexpected emergencies and cost that are not reimbursed by your provincial health insurance plan. (Get more details on coverage options)
Coverage for Visitors to Canada
For international visitors coming to visit Canada soon, our visitors to Canada insurance policies offers you complete medical coverage including COVID-19 protection during your stay in Canada. (Get more details on coverage options)