Super Visa

Are you applying for a Super Visa with the government of Canada and looking for medical insurance from a Canadian insurer? Not sure where to start looking for coverage or from who to buy your coverage from?

Don’t get stuck paying high commission for your Super Visa insurance. It’s a fact, traditional travel insurance distributors will include up to 45% in commission for your Super Visa program, that’s almost 50% of your premium in their pockets.

Our mission is to avoid such high commission with our exclusive Super Visa products.

Our policies meet the Super Visa requirements established by the government of Canada:
  • Valid for at least 365 days
  • Minimum coverage of $100000
  • Covers medical, hospitalization and repatriation fees

  • Our Super Visa Insurance program also offers:
    • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, depending on the age of the Super Visa applicant
    • Easy renewal if you decide to stay longer than 1 year
    • 100% refund of premium if your Super Visa is denied

What is the coverage available on a Visitors to Canada insurance program?

Super Visa travel insurance covers you against unforeseen medical emergencies and hospitalization in Canada. Coverage must be a minimum of $100000 and can go up to $300000 and must be valid for one full year.

Emergency medical fees coverage includes:
  • Emergency hospital care
  • Emergency medical care
  • Emergency medical transport
  • Emergency dental care
  • Prescription medication
  • Paramedical services
  • Ambulance services
  • Emergency travel home
  • Repatriation of remains

At Sonomad, we don’t just compare insurance products so that you pay the proper premium at the most competitive price. We avoid high commission attached to it; saving you money on your premiums. Don’t overpay for your Super Visa travel insurance.

Get a free, no obligation quote here or call 1-855-221-4555 and save on your Super Visa insurance program today.