Canada Plan

When travelling from your province of residence to another province, it is important to understand that as Canadians, we enjoy provincial health insurance plans but these plans have limitations in covering medical expenses when you are out of your province.

Ambulance services, repatriation, and certain medical fees may not be covered by your provincial health plan when you are in another province.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it is important to be protected against the unexpected. Provincial plans strongly recommend their residents to purchase a supplemental health insurance program when travelling out of their province of residence.

You can choose a plan that is right for you;

Get coverage for Emergency medical only, Trip cancellation, Non-medical or All inclusive.

Are you a frequent traveller? You might want to consider a multi trip annual plan. This plan is valid for one year and allows you to travel out of your province for an unlimited number of days when visiting Canada. Coverage options of 8 day,15 day, 30 day and 45 day are also available when travelling outside Canada.

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