Ambassador Program


Join the movement to reduce the increases in travel insurance premiums. Travelling is not only a passion but a way of life for many. Sonomad firmly believes that travel insurance should never be a burden for this passion.

By becoming a Sonomad Ambassador you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Many contests available exclusively for the ambassador community.
  • You actively participate with us in support of various environmental causes that will be selected with the help of our community.
  • You can be lucky enough to be featured on our Facebook or Instagram pages.
  • Each of your references will be identified under your personalized ambassador code allowing you to obtain gift cards according to the different recognition levels you will reach.
Type Referrals Gift card amount
Bronze 10 referrals $50 gift card
Silver 25 referrals $125 gift card
Gold 50 referrals $250 gift card
Platinum 75 referrals $375 gift card
Diamond 100 referrals $500 gift card

Sign up for the first travel insurance ambassador program and join the movement to reduce travel insurance costs and help thousands of travellers continue to nurture their passion. Affordable travel insurance allows young travellers to discover the world while being well protected, new retirees to make their dream trips, or travellers to be in the warm weather during the harsh Canadian winter months. Join us as an ambassador and support our mission to provide the least expensive travel insurance possible to all travellers.

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Terms & Conditions

In order to take advantage of the ambassador program; Customers who refer clients to us should follow the following rules:
  • You must register with our company as an ambassador.
  • Send us your references and get a gift card of your choice, according to the following levels:
    • 10 referrals - $50 gift card
    • 25 referrals - $125 gift card
    • 50 referrals - $250 gift card
    • 75 referrals - $375 gift card
    • 100 referrals - $500 gift card
  • No purchase is required from the ambassador or the reference to be eligible for the gift card program.
  • For the referral to be eligible, you must send us the contact information of a family member, friend or acquaintance who plans to travel within the next 6 months.
  • The accepted contact information for your referral is the name, email address and/or telephone number and note that you have the responsibility to inform your reference that he/she will be contacted for an offer of insurance products from our company. By submitting your referrals, you agree that your name will be used when contacting the referral in question.
  • No transmission of lists of names or data that have no personal relation to the ambassador will be accepted. No lists from groups, associations, or others will be accepted.
  • It is strictly forbidden to provide personal information of a referral that is unknown to you. Only referrals from people you know personally will be accepted and contacted.
  • References must be transmitted exclusively through our website or directly by contacting our customer service center.
  • Any customer who has already used the services or contacted Sonomad directly will be considered a reference.
  • Any breach of the rules of our ambassador program will result in the termination of your ambassador status and therefore no gift cards will be issued.
  • SONOMAD reserves the right to terminate the ambassador program at any time without notice.
  • SONOMAD reserves the right to change gift card amounts at any time without notice.
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